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SlimFacebook is an open source, free Facebook client without ads that's mainly focused on offering a lightweight alternative to the official Facebook client. Although it doesn't quite reach the incredible extreme of Facebook Lite (less than 500 kilobytes), SlimFacebook only takes up a mere 600 kilobytes.

Besides this subtle difference in size, SlimFacebook doesn't offer a huge difference when compared to the official Facebook client. It lets you do basically everything you would with the official Facebook app: post on your wall or a friend's wall, look at other user's pictures, manage your groups, etc.

SlimFacebook is a good Facebook client that, without having to offer a huge number of features, still proves to be an interesting alternative. The reasons: it takes up very little space and, unlike a large majority of other similar apps, it doesn't ask for additional permissions (only access to pictures).
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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